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Hi! I'm Juanjo Valiño, an iOS Developer based in Galicia (Spain) with 6 years of experience in professional software development.

I started learning Swift and iOS development in my spare time on late ’19. It was such an exciting experience that I coded my first app from scratch to publishing it to the App Store.

After that I did some freelance jobs and also worked for myToys and Quobis as part of the iOS dev teams. Currently I'm the principal iOS Developer at Insulcloud.

I’m 100% remote friendly 👨🏻‍💻🌍

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Task-Shuffler fills your spare time slots with tasks defined by you. The target is to avoid the procrastination by choosing for you what you have to do rather than struggling with decisions that end in doing absolutely nothing.
It can be done random or choosing in a smart way.
1- Enter your tasks.
2- Choose your free time slots in the week.
3- Shuffle!

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